Urban Sketchliner – Caroline Smith

I have been sketching and drawing for as long as I can remember. Every spare scrap of paper or back of envelope always seems to contain a signature doodle. A degree in 3 Dimensional Design followed by a career in interior design has allowed this skill to develop and the interest to grow. Fortunately I manage to integrate sketching into my projects which helps bring them to life in the early stages before the drawing process becomes structured and rigid.

This combined with a love for buildings and architecture with a desire to travel and discover, are the main ingredients that have formed Urban Sketchliner.

Photography is also a huge part of my life, allowing me to capture and record different places and people. Sketching takes this a step further and personalises a space or a view.

Being fascinated with texture and colour, plus scale and proportion, feeds the urge to produce each individual piece of work. Experimenting with different mediums and techniques is on going and ensures originality.